Gestalt Publishing | 2009 | Country of Publication: Australia

Shaun Tan


124 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book

Genre: Alternative


“Withheld” 39 pages

Writer/Artist: Bobby N.

“Moral Lesson #32” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Shaun Tan

“Night” 6 pages

Writer/Artist: Mel Tregonning

“Eggshells” 1 pages

Writer: Christian Scott
Artist: Mark Welsh

“The Ride Home” 7 pages

Writer/Artist: Anton McKay

Comic Arts Awards of Australia

Gold Ledger Award


Other stories by Michael Katchan, Terry Dowling, Skye Ogden, Tom Taylor, Tom Bonin, Christophe Read, Andrew Richardson, Justin Randall, Chris Bones, Ray Fawkes, Colin Wilson, James Barclay, Chris Bolton



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