Fireballs The Comic

Fireballs The Comic 2

Cowtown Comics | 1996 | Country of Publication: Australia



32 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative, Humour

Main characters: The Fireballs, Da ‘n’ Dill


“A Chat With The Fireballs” 2 pages

Writer: Dillon

“Chapter 3: Hell hath No Fury Like Eddie Fury”

Writer/Artist: Dillon
Inker: Tamara Wighton

“Da ‘n’ Dill in Card Sharks”

Writer: Dillon
Artist: Steve Williams


The Fireballs are an Australian psychobilly band formed in May 1990 by Eddie Fury on drums and vocals, Matt Healy on guitar and Joe Phantom on bass and vocals.



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