The Eldritch Kid: Bone War

The Eldritch Kid: Bone War

Gestalt | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Justin Randall

Variant Covers

Nicola Scott (#1, 2018 PDF edition)

Douglas Holgate (#2, 2018 PDF edition)

Emily K. Smith (#3, 2018 PDF edition)

James Brouwer (#4, 2018 PDF edition)


108 pages | For Mature Readers
Collected edition of previously published work, Graphic Novel

Genre: Fiction, Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Western


“Bone War”

Writer: Christian Read
Artist: Paul Mason
Colourist: Justin Randall
Letterer: Wolfgang Bylsma
Editor: Wolfgang Bylsma

Comic Arts Awards of Australia

Short Listed Project


BONE WAR is the second volume in Gestalt’s ELDRITCH KID graphic novel series, following on from 2011’s WHISKY & HATE. It was initially released across 2018 as a four-issue series in PDF as a Kickstarter premium. It was collected in print in both softcover and hard cover editions in 2019.

The Kid, a gunslinger sworn to Odin, the god of death and sorcery, and his partner, Ten Shoes Dancing, the Oxford educated Lakota shaman, are drawn into a feud between two paleontologists.

The eerie severed head of the necro-paleontologist, Othniel, seeks revenge on his rival, the upstart woman Drinker, who has the bones of a rare dinosaur that would bring any scientist fame and fortune.

But in a world where the dead can rise, even hundreds of millions of years later, grave-robbing monsters is powerful dangerous work. And this particular dinosaur was buried with a dark secret.



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