Eddie 9

Eddie Magazine Publishing | 1994 | Country of Publication: Australia

Carmen Delprat


68 pages | For Mature Readers
Magazine, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Non Fiction, Alternative, Biography, Humour


“Black Earl” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Michael Graham

“The Supporter Reporter” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: John Spud

“Footy Mouth” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Fred Negro

“Casualties Of War” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Toby Neal

“A Cricket Romance” 0.5 pages

Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“See Me, Hear Me, Feel Me…Play Me” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Monica Syrette

“LFL: Local Football Legends” 2 pages

Writer: Michelle Zintschenko
Writer/Artist: Neale Blandon

“Maurice La Rue” 1 pages

Writer/Artist: Michael Graham


Magazine with strips interspersed.



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