Drivel 3

WTFF Media | 1996 | Country of Publication: Australia

Antoinette Rydyr


52 pages | For Mature Readers

Genre: Non Fiction, Alternative


“Snapper & Fat” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Dillon Naylor (as R. Madillo)

“Done To Death” 5 pages

Writer: Cameron Shelton
Penciller: Dillon Naylor
Inker: Cameron Shelton

“Pop Culture and Two-Minute Noodles” 5 pages

Writer/Artist: Dillon Naylor

“An Interview Fred Negro” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Dillon Naylor
Writer: Fred Negro
Writer: Jarrod Watt

“Love Kitten” 0.5 pages

Writer/Artist: Steven Anderson (as Sven Anderssen)

“I Luv U Tassie” 3 pages

Writer/Artist: Q. Ray


Drivel was a magazine of music, interviews and pop culture articles with comic strips. Edited and published by Dillon Naylor.



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