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Dragon Legacy

Dragon Legacy

Self published by Gemma Holdway on Tapas Comics | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Gemma Holdway


All Ages
Webcomic/Online only | View project here.

Genre: Fantasy


“Chapter One, page 19 (2022 begins)”

Writer/Artist: Gemma Holdway


In the wake of the Dragon-Human War, Nine Dragon clans known as ‘Caves’ face the aftermath of the devastation caused, defeated, their homes are destroyed and scattered, with one cave known as the ‘Ninth Cave’ peacefully unharmed by the conflict accepting exiles with welcome hospitality.

However, the threat of a civil war from those who want revenge for their destroyed homes against the humans looms. Not even constant appeasement by the Ninth Caves leader who wants no part of it can suppress the burning hatred in their hearts, and as growing support for retaliation looms, the leader of the Ninth Cave is forced to make an unpopular and consequential decision.

Webcomic running since January 10, 2019.



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