Doc Rat 2022

Doc Rat 2022

Self published by Craig Hilton aka ‘Jenner’ | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia



All Ages
Webcomic/Online only | View project here.

Genre: Humour


Doc Rat is a daily comic strip, set in a humorous anthropomorphic animal world, about the experiences of a family doctor and his medical practice. It ranges from straight-up gags and puns to short arcs to more serious stories. And then back again. You get to know the characters and care about their life-and-death situations, and in between, you laugh a lot.

Doc Rat is in newspaper-formal strips, five per week and, having run since 2006, now numbers well over 4,000. It can be found on-line on its dedicated web site, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

2022 saw the launch of the Doc Rat eBooks, Volumes 1 to 18, each one being the collected strips of half a year. They are for sale on Amazon for Kindle readers and apps. More will follow in 2023.



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