Detective Budgie: Hard Boiled

Detective Budgie: Hard Boiled

Nicholas Cleary | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Nicholas Cleary


100 pages | For Mature Readers
Graphic Novel

Genre: Crime, Drama, Humour, Mystery, Thriller


“Hard Boiled” 90 pages

Writer/Artist: Nicholas Cleary


Truth, Justice and the Avian Way.
Refusing to give up, Detective Budgy is off the clock and pursuing leads on the ‘chicken roast’. A case marked with danger, mystery and burnt poultry.
As Budgy gets his wings dirty, a sinister clue suggests the return of ‘The Black Galah’, a contentious private investigator of yesteryear. Evelyn Stone is also blocking Budgy’s runway, the intelligent and striking government agent, captures the detective’s eye and challenges his natural drive to seek the seed of truth. ‘Hard Boiled’ is a black and white detective story with humour, action and an unapologetic amount of bird puns. According to its humble (and handsome) creator “It’s a Cracker.”



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