Dee Vee

Dee Vee 2

Dee Vee Press | 1997 | Country of Publication: Australia

Eddie Campbell


For Mature Readers
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Alternative



Writer/Artist: Eddie Campbell

“Elysian Fields”

Writer/Artist: Christopher Brunton


Writer: Tonia Walden
Artist: Louise Pieper


Writer: Marcus Moore
Artist: Tony Single

“Montague Hale: Disease & Society”

Writer/Artist: Michael Evans


Writer/Artist: Bruce Mutard

“British Concentration Camp”

Writer/Artist: Ralph Kidson

“Parallel Universes”

Writer/Artist: Damien Woods

“Montague Hale: Belgian Chocolate”

Writer: Michael Evans
Artist: Daren White

“Cushy Jobs I’ve Had”

Writer: Marcus Moore
Artist: Tony Single

“Dee Vee”

Writer/Artist: Pete Mullins



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