Decay 19

Dark Oz | 2015 | Country of Publication: Australia

David Follett

Variant Covers

Dillon Naylor

Greg Holfield

Colin Wells

Nahum Ziersch

Tim McEwen

Jason Paulos


For Mature Readers
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Action, Superhero, Supernatural


“The Southern Squadron: From Hell’s Heart”

Writer: David de Vries
Artist: Dragan Vignjevic
Colourist: David de Vries
Letterer: David de Vries

“Da ‘n’ Dill: Home Demonstration”

Writer: Dillon Naylor
Artist: Greg Gates
Letterer: April Hammond

“Bug & Stump”

Writer/Artist: John Petropoulos
Writer/Artist: Mark Sexton

“Hairbutt The Hippo: Sugar Lumps”

Writer/Artist: Jason Paulos

“Greener Pastures: Troll”

Writer/Artist: Michael Michalandos
Artist: Tim McEwen

“The Dark Nebula: The Soul Eater”

Writer: Tad Pietrzykowski
Artist: Colin Wells
Letterer: April Hammond

“The Sisters: Masque of the Red Death”

Writer: Darren Koziol
Artist: Amy Fairweather
Letterer: April Hammond

“Oz Zombie: Who Do You Love?”

Writer: Darren Koziol
Artist: Frederico De Luca
Letterer: April Hammond


Came with seven variant covers.
Cover A: Zombiefied by David Follett
Cover B: The Southern Squadron by Greg Holfeld
Cover C: The Dark Nebula by Colin Wells
Cover D: Da ‘n’ Dill by Dillon Naylor
Cover E: Bug & Stump by Nahum Ziersch
Cover F: Greener Pastures by Tim McEwen
Cover G: Hairbutt The Hippo by Jason Paulos
Back cover by Jason Paulos.



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