Cyclone! 1

McKerr Whitfield / Cyclone Comics | 1985 | Country of Publication: Australia

Gary Chaloner


All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Adventure, Superhero


“The Southern Cross: Episode 1: Tower of Doom”

Plot: Tad Pietrzykowski & Glenn Lumsden
Script: Glenn Lumsden
Penciller: Glenn Lumsden
Inker: Alex Grancha

“Dark Nebula: The Challenge of Grandstander: Part 1”

Writer: Tad Pietrzykowski
Penciller: Glenn Lumsden
Inker: Tad Pietrzykowski

“Southern Squadron: Growing Pains”

Writer/Artist: Dave de Vries
Inker: Glenn Lumsden

“The Jackaroo and the Thorn Boys: It Happened on A Rooftop”

Writer/Artist: Gary Chaloner

“Sydney Swans with Flash Damingo: Training Night”

Writer/Artist: Gary Chaloner
Inker: Dave de Vries

“The Jackaroo and the Thorn Boys: Illegal Aliens”

Writer/Artist: Gary Chaloner


First standard US-sized issue.



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