Reading Victoria | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

Eloise Grills


All Ages
Webcomic/Online only | View project here.

Genre: Non Fiction, Education/Information



Writer/Artist: Eloise Grills
Editor: Veronica Sullivan


The Shell Refinery, now named Viva, looms over Corio.

My paternal uncle who lived with my paternal grandmother in Lara for his entire life is one of the last of a generation to take a job there and never leave it. My maternal grandmother, Grandy, lives in commission housing in Corio. She volunteers with Greening Australia, conserving Limeburners Lagoon, a significant tidal wetlands that lives in the shadow of the refinery.

This comic encompasses illustrations, photographs, maps and ecological data, taking as its focus the land which splits Lara from Corio. Weaving together parallel narratives of my uncle’s lifelong employment at the refinery, and my grandmother’s environmentalism, the work of Greening Australia and the perspective of a member of the Wathaurong Collective who do work in the area, this piece examines the way in which intergenerational attitudes and beliefs contradict one another in our shaping of the land. Set against a backdrop of dying industry and flagging corporate responsibility, this piece asks whether the small efforts we make to clean up the mess of the past can be enough.

It was first published by Reading Victoria, online in October 2018.



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