Cockroaches for Lunch

Cockroaches for Lunch

Self published by Claire Wildish | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia


All Ages
Comic Book, One-shot, Zine

Genre: Alternative, Young Adult


“Cockroaches for Lunch”

Writer: Claire Wildish
Artist: Claire Wildish
Artist: Jonah & Hugo Hobart


Cockroaches for Lunch is a zine slash graphic picture book, inspired by a little newspaper article my Dad once sent me entitled, “Cockroaches flee captivity”. It is crazy conversation of caged cockroaches, madcap supporting characters, and a daring escape. It is written in the voice of Hugo my youngest, in the way both he and Jonah tell me stories. Stories they’ve heard in the playground, on TV, that they’ve half heard and re-imagined bigger and better than they were told themselves – like school yard Chinese whispers. Later, when I started illustrating it over the breakfast table, between making school lunches and tying shoelaces, they declared they could draw it better than me and so we illustrated it together.



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