Bread Is Bread Is Bread

Bread Is Bread Is Bread

Short Story | West Torrens Council, Adelaide SA | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Katie Kitchen

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Katie Kitchen

Katie Kitchen

Katie Kitchen

Katie Kitchen


All Ages
One-shot, Short Story | Story appeared in: South Australian History Festival

Genre: Non Fiction, Educational, History


“Bread Is Bread Is Bread”

Writer/Artist: Katie Kitchen


Bread Is Bread Is Bread is an unconventional comic installation made in response to a brief from the West Torrens Council seeking art for a group exhibition celebrating the food and beverage manufacturing history of the West Torrens Council area of Adelaide.

It was displayed in the Hamra Library location of the Council’s public Little Galleries during the South Australian History Festival from 1–31 May, with the exhibit running until 30 July 2022.

The comic looks between the lines of the newspapers to find a story of the West Torrens District Council clerk and the loaves of Maltina Bakery bread that he thought were ‘simply underweight’. The matter proved far more complicated, and over nine months in 1937, it rose from the Richmond Magistrates Court to the South Australian Supreme Court, as a magistrate, lawyers, a health inspector, a chemical analyst, two justices and others sought an answer to the question: what is bread?



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