Bolt Comics Presents

Bolt Comics Presents 3

Bolt Comics | 2018 | Country of Publication: Australia

John Hanna with Andrew Tribe (colours)


24 pages | All Ages
Anthology, Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Adventure


“A Brigand’s Tale: Burrow of the Bullfrog, Part 2” 8 pages

Writer/Artist: Daniel Tribe

“Dynah-Mite: Ace Detective, Part 1” 8 pages

Writer: Andrew Tribe
Artist: John Hanna
Colourist: Andrew Tribe

“Stiller Brook: To Shore, Chapter 2” 8 pages

Writer/Artist: Heroic Master of Pens


As part of the 5 Year Anniversary for Bolt Comics; Bolt Comics Presents 3 introduced a new A4 format and a new title character, ‘Dynah-Mite: Ace Detective’, marking it’s evolution from a two story flip book to a true anthology series. The next chapters of ‘Stiller Brook’ and ‘A Brigand’s Tale’ were also continued. It was Bolt Comics first crowdfunded comic successfully funded on Kickstarter.



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