Blasto! Comics

Blasto! Comics 1

Direct Communications | 1982 | Country of Publication: Australia

Mark Thompson


14 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book, Mini Comic, One-shot

Genre: Alternative


“Circa AD 30”

Writer/Artist: Matthew Martin


Writer/Artist: Paul Hoban

“An Awful Night On The Overland”

Writer/Artist: Mark Thompson

“The Adventures of Kylie and Jason”

Writer/Artist: Ken Searle
Writer/Artist: John Forbes

“Inquire. Not Merely Passing Strangers. Suffering The Effects of Ballet.”

Writer/Artist: Steve Bowers


Writer/Artist: Ian de Gruchy


Writer/Artist: Landon


Possibly a one shot, no second issue sourced as yet. Adelaide publication.

Sub-titled: : Bar-B-Q & Patio Edition



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