Art by Others, Story by Danny Nolan, Volume 2

Art by Others, Story by Danny Nolan, Volume 2

Shidot Press | 2021 | Country of Publication: Australia


28 pages | All Ages
Collected edition of previously published work, Comic Book

Genre: Science Fiction


“The Writing Challenge” 5 pages
Originally published in: FUTUREQUAKE #23 (UK) Dec 2020
Writer: Danny Nolan
Artist: Ken Best
Letterer: Bolt01 (Dave Evans)

“PARADISO-5” 12 pages
Originally published in: All The King’s Men, Deeper Meaning Publishing, 2016
Writer: Danny Nolan
Artist: Shane W Smith
Editor: Shane W Smith

“Faithbound” 4 pages
Originally published in: SATELITTES SCI FI anthology edited by Haydn Spurrel as part of his thesis
Writer: Danny Nolan
Artist: ALCHEM (Michael Barnard)
Colourist: ALCHEM (Michael Barnard)
Letterer: ALCHEM (Michael Barnard)

“Retirement” 2 pages

Writer/Artist: Danny Nolan

“Picasso Comix” 1 pages
Originally published in: Wombat Comicz, 1984
Writer/Artist: Danny & Joe Nolan



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