Amazing Tales

Amazing Tales 5

Wotsleft Books | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Dave Dye


36 pages | For Mature Readers
Comic Book, Part of a numbered series

Genre: Action, Adventure, Humour, Science Fiction, War


“Dropship 15: Souvenir”

Writer/Artist: Dave Dye


Writer/Artist: Dave Dye

“Buffalo Hunter”

Writer/Artist: Dave Dye

“Skeet Shoot”

Writer/Artist: Dave Dye


“Souvenir” – (a Dropship Fifteen story) the team is chasing a gang of terrorists to recover a device which could be used to threaten world peace.
“Bushfire!” – the tale of a Rural Fire team fighting savage bushfires in country Australia. This story was created for the Australian Bushfire Charity Comic but not printed due to change of editors.
“Buffalo Hunter!” – follow Cyril’s misadventure with a wild buffalo in Australia’s Top End.
“Skeet Shoot!” – a sibling squabble, over whose turn it is to fire their air rifle, is settled by a crew of stranded aliens.



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