A Question of Promise: The Movie

A Question of Promise: The Movie

Self published by Thuyen Nguyen | 2022 | Country of Publication: Australia

Thuyen Nguyen


66 pages | All Ages
Graphic Novel

Genre: Fiction, Drama


“A Question of Promise: The Movie” 64 pages

Writer/Artist: Thuyen Nguyen


When a mysterious storm results in the loss of the two most important people in Eric’s life, he struggles to accept the truth behind their disappearance and the role he played in it.

Embracing the trope that is the “cancelled TV show that got one last hurrah with a feature-length movie,” creator Thuyen Nguyen returns with “A Question of Promise: The Movie;” both a digest and epilogue to the comic series. We find our protagonist Eric living in his cousin’s office, now homeless due to the events of the last issues. He is also alone—his long-time companions Dice and Eden are gone (they being the sentient pool-of-water, and girlfriend respectively). Unable to deal with the regret of not joining them, Eric goes through the stages of grief in a series of increasingly crazier scenarios that range from modern to mystic. Series regulars Alvin and McMahon help (hinder?) him along the way, and Eden’s best friend Erin returns with quite a different perspective on her disappearance. “A Question of Promise: The Movie” encapsulates the humour and quiet poignancy that the series is known for in a 64-page special that gives closure to the overall series without being too fan-centric. It’s a greatest hits album with a new track that should satisfy old fans and have new fans seeking out the previous issues, all of which have been collected in two trade volumes.



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