2019 Ledger Awards Annual

2019 Ledger Awards Annual

Fabliaux | 2019 | Country of Publication: Australia

Thomas Campi


118 pages | All Ages

Genre: Non Fiction, Alternative


“Healing Alone” 22 pages

Writer: Dr Isabel Hanson
Artist: Safdar Ahmed

“Mary Lee” 5 pages

Artist: Madeleine Karutz
Writer: Lavinia Emmett-Grey

“Kitten Chef’s New London Comics” 13 pages

Artist: Chadwick Ashby
Writer: Anthony N. Castle

“Ghost Beach” 7 pages

Writer/Artist: Ben Mitchell


The Ledger Annual includes art and features on those comics which won awards – Gold,. Silver and Bronze Ledgers. Also has articles on Ledger of Honour recipients MGerald Carr, Stan and Reg Pitt, Platinum Ledger recipient Karen Dwarte along with articles on the Ledgers and the judging process.

Includes non-fiction text articles by Glenn Lumsden, Gary Chaloner, Tim McEwen, Bruce Mutard, Phillip Bentley, Siobhan Coombs, Kevin Patrick, John Ryan, Nat Karmichael, Matt Emery, Anthony N. Castle



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